The 'translator' meta tag

The translator meta tag is used to give credit to, and provide contact info for, the translator of a document.


<meta name="translator" content="Firstname Lastname <>">


<meta name="translator" content="Organization <>">


The content value of the translator meta tag is a free form text describing the name and contact information for the person or organization responsible for the translation of a document.

The suggested form is

name + ' <' + email address | website address | telephone number + '>'


The translator meta tag is placed in the <head> section of the HTML document, just like any other meta tags.

There may be more than one translator meta tag per document.

Use the origin meta tag to refer to the original document.

Current language and original text

It is explicitly NOT this meta tag's job to


This could be the source of

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="nl">
<title>The title</title>
<meta name="translator" content="Rob la Lau <>">
<meta name="origin" content="" lang="fr">
… the text …

Use cases

Note to implementors

The content value of the translator meta tag is not translatable.


The documentation for the translator meta tag is available at


The translator meta tag has been added to the MetaExtensions registry as a proposed standard.

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